New episode with Dr. Liana Saif on “Islamic(ate) Astrology✨: themes, works and practitioners

We speak with Dr. Liana Saif for an introduction on astrology in premodern Islamic(ate) societies. We cover origins, developments and key writers. A much overlooked topic explored with one of the leading authorities in the field. Find her work here:

Dr. Liana Saif - Podcast #049 for your Private RSS feeds | Glitch ...
Dr. Liana Saif currently at the Warburg Institute, London

This was another interview over Google Hangouts. There was some humming on the audio which I removed with the noise reduction tool on Audacity. However, I’ve investigated a solution of using a USB 2.0 A-Male to Mini-B Cable from my Zoom H6 to my laptop as a digital rather than my current analogue lead. An audio editor friend suggested I look at the improved Zencastr too.


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