Forthcoming interview with Dr. Rachel Schine on Race and Blackness in the 11/12th century Popular Epic, Sīrat al-Amīra Dhāt al-Himma

Dr. Rachel Schine

We’re very pleased to announce our forthcoming interview with Dr. Rachel Schine, a long-term favourite for us here at the Abbasid History Podcast. We will be discussing her work on concepts of race and blackness through the 11/12th century popular epic, Sīrat al-Amīra Dhāt al-Himma also known as Delhemma.

You can see her work on the topic at her page here as well as her more irreverent look at the parallels between contemporary rap and classical Arabic poetry on her Tumblr here.

Follow her on Twitter too here🦚

We’re very excited to have this conversation😄!

Dr. Schine is currently Postdoctoral Associate in Arabic Literature and Culture at University of Colorado Boulder.

We will be recording Saturday 16th May 5.15pm (BST). Do send any questions you have for her before then to or through our social media accounts.


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