🔥NEW FOR 2021: A Spring of Classical Arabic Poetry with Dr. Kevin Blankinship

We’re really excited to bring to our listeners a season of programming fresh for 2021. Former guest, Dr. Kevin Blankinship, BYU Utah, will be giving us a tour of classical Arabic poetry starting with ʿImr al-Qays (d.544CE) and his muʿallaqaḧ ode considered a high point of literary achievement. Despite its ancient origins, its themes of love, loss and friendships retains a freshness even for modern ears.

Here is what to expect:

1. ʾImr al-Qays (501-544 CE): an introduction to the Muʿallaqāt and pre-Islamic Jāhilī poetry [19]

2. al-Farazdaq (c.641-c.730 CE) and his rivals: an introduction to Umayyad poetry [20]

3. Abū Nuwās (c.756- c.814 CE): Life, works and legacy of a hedonist [21]

4. Abū al-ʿAtāhiyyaħ (748-828 CE): Life, works and legacy of an ascetic poet [22]

5. Abū Tammām (c.807-850 CE): Life, works and legacy of an anthologist [23]

6. al-Ḥallāj  (c.858-922 CE): Life, works and poetic legacy of a martyred mystic [24]

7. al-Mutanabī (c.915-965 CE): ‘the Shakespeare of the Arabs’ [25]

8. Abū Firās al-Ḥamdānī (932–968 CE): the prison poetry of a prince [26]

9. Ibn Zaydūnī (1003-1071 CE): an introduction to Andalusian poetry [27]

10. Ibn ʿArabī (1165-1240 CE): Life, works and poetic legacy of a Sufi [28]

11. Ṣafī al-Dīn al-Ḥillī (1278-1349 CE): Life, works and legacy [29]

12. Legacy of classical Arabic poetry: a retrospect of the series with Dr. Kevin Blankinship [30]